Why Tesla Is Not In Your State

Tesla Dealer NC M3

A great in-depth article from Yahoo! Finance about Tesla showrooms and delivery centers.

The bottom line – politicians that have been bought. Cronyism. Greed. Corruption. All the best parts of American politics and legislation rolled into one.

It has been shown time-and-time-again that established internal combustion engine (ICE) industries are threatened by electric car technology. Dealers lose 60% of their revenue in a multi-billion-dollar ICE service and maintenance industry. As such the dealers that are being “protected” by antiquated laws from the early 1900’s have a huge incentive to make sure their salesmen disuade you from buying an electric vehicle.

Consumer Reports, for example, sent 19 secret shoppers, posing as potential EV buyers, to 85 dealerships in four states in 2014. Few salespeople could answer questions about battery life and warranties; many didn’t know about the tax incentives available in their states. One Toyota salesperson said, hilariously, that the Prius Plug-in requires a battery replacement “every couple of years.” A Ford sales manager told one shopper that there’s no such thing as an electric Focus.

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