Front Hood Unlatched Warning

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If you ever run into a “Front Hood Unlatched” warning while driving you know how nerve wracking it can be.   Warnings of possible death and destruction are front-and-center when your Tesla senses the front hood is not fully closed.   While the Tesla Service Center may assure you that it is safe to drive as long as the main hood latch is engaged, I would recommend trying to solve the issue before continuing on your journey.

Possible quick fixes:

If you can open the hood fully try lubricating the latches.  White grease is preferred.

In one experience the fix was equally as simple and something you can do on the road:

Open the frunk and check the emergency release button.   If it is sticking in any way, disconnect the button.

Most parts in a Tesla can be easily taken apart with no tools.    If you carefully but firmly squeeze the plastic trim that goes around the frunk light and release button the entire panel will pop out.   Look at the back side of the trim for the tabs holding the button in place to remove the button.   In the center of most buttons and light fixtures on a Tesla is a single retaining tab, depress it and pull on the plastic wire harness to disconnect the switch.   The frunk can still be opened with the key fob or console controls.

Tesla Front Hood Unlatched Warning
Tesla Front trunk open DO NOT DRIVE Warning

With a little luck this will fix your issue and allow you to bypass the white-knuckle driving of your Tesla telling you it is not safe to drive.


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Tesla Forums re: Hood Unlatched

rockybJune 13, 2017

To conclude this issue, I took my MS to the service center and they diagnosed it as a mechanical issue and replace the front hood latch. The pathognomonic symptom of this failure is the spontaneous unlatching of the hood during warm / hot conditions, and not being able to relatch and secure the hood until the exterior temperature cools somewhat by keeping the car in the shade or inside a cooled garage for a period of time. After reading other threads, this is apparently not a rare problem, with the earlier 2012-2013 models.

dr_gkoAugust 20, 2018


This happened to me several years ago. Frunk opening by itself while parked, triggering the alarm several times. Took it to the service center which was only a few miles away. Thankfully did not open during the drive. They found that the switch inside the frunk that unlocks it has corroded, most likely because I had issues with a leaking frunk seal that allowed water in. Has never had this problem again after the switch was replaced.