Tesla Charging Recommendations

Lance P85 Supercharging

How often should you charge your Tesla on a daily basis?   Should you charge it completely and skip days?  Or charge it every day?  And how much?   The following Tesla Charging Recommendations come from Tesla as well as various vetted information sources.

Charging limits

Let’s start with the easier question first, how much to charge.

Try to keep your Tesla between 20% and 80% charge.

You’ll see this recommendation direct from Tesla when setting your daily charge limits.  You’ll see it again if you charge to more than 95% a few times in a row.   Turns out this is also the general recommendation for charging any lithium-ion battery.    Keeping the charge in this range helps prevent dendrites from growing internally in the battery.  These “electrical pathways” reduce the output of a battery and can even lead to shorts that cause overheating.   They don’t happen overnight and some will inevitably form so don’t worry too much about that.  The main idea here is keeping a charge between 20% and 80% ensures your batter is not providing a “friendly environment” in which these dendrites like to grow.

Does that mean charging to 100% or dropping to 10% on a long trip is bad?

Don’t worry about the occasional need to charge beyond 80% or driving until the batter is less than 10%.  The battery will be fine.

What is the best percentage to charge to?

Do you only have a short commute?   Only do weekend road trips?

Charging the battery to a lower percentage further extends battery life.

If you don’t have range anxiety you can set your nightly charge limit to about HALF capacity.    One leading battery expert recommends 70% but based on a specific discussion with an owner.   Other sources indicate a steady diet of “middle-of-the-road” charging is even better.

Should I charge daily?

From the sources we researched daily charging seems to have little or no impact on battery life.

The charge limit is the bigger factor.

Based on experience, charging every day is probably a good idea.  For no other reason than you want to make it a habit.  Get out, plug in.   That prevents you from getting in the car to find you forgot to plug it in and now need to wait an hour to get to work or run errands.



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