Idea: Tesla Entry Notifications

It could be a security and convenience feature — Tesla mobile app notifications when a door, trunk, or frunk is opened.

It would be nice to have this when I give the key fob to a passenger before heading in different directions at the mall. If I get back to the car first I use the phone to gain entry until they return. However if they return first it would be nice to see a notification pop up so I know they are back.

This can also be useful for older Model S key fob spoofing. Get a notification while at a movie or dinner could mean notifying the police far earlier than discovering the car is missing hours later.

With open door data already transmitted to the mobile app, this should be relatively easy to implement. Yes, the Tesla app may need to use more of the mobile device battery – but even a 5 minute “throttle” on the Tesla polling schedule can mitigate that significantly while providing a useful security and convenience feature.

To keep it from being annoying it could use mobile device proximity to disable notifications. Or have a simple on/off toggle for that notification — along with a “turn on between Midnight and 7AM” option.

If Tesla doesn’t add this maybe one of the third-party Tesla apps or sites can bring it to market.